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From Traditional to Additive Manufacturing with OTTO: Get Started in 3D Printing Services

Unlocking the power of additive manufacturing means stepping into a wondrous new dimension, quite literally. 3D printing offers an abundance of great features, all put into perspective when looking back at why Chuck Hull, the original pioneer in 3D printing, spent so many hours in his one-man lab working to shed the constraints of conventional prototyping. Ultimately, he was able to make complex, lightweight geometries that could be replicated quickly for streamlined product development–propelled forward with the ability to test and iterate as needed, whether in 3D printing five iterations or a hundred of them. 

3D Printing Manufacturing Continues to Entice Designers, Engineers, and Manufacturers

Freedom in design is still the key, especially with the ability to rapid prototype using adaptable materials like Nylon 12 to outsource 3D printing to OTTO. Whether relying on advanced additive manufacturing technology like Selective Laser Sintering or Multi Jet Fusion technology, designers and engineers are offered the luxury of avoiding support structure design complications due to the built-in stability offered in powder bed fusion additive manufacturing technology. 

For industrial manufacturers, the stakes are higher in terms of production needs. As a result, industrial 3D printing processes are becoming more pervasive for traditional manufacturers seeking to create complex geometries but also for transforming and making product development more effective. The ability to prototype, test, make changes, and order 3D printed parts with the OTTO additive manufacturing solution is no small matter for companies ready to take high-performance products to market.

Traditional manufacturers are also finding they can streamline further in using versatile materials like Nylon 12 to prototype but also use the same resources for making end-use parts featuring strength, durability, and a host of other superior mechanical properties required for additive manufacturing applications. These often include futuristic automotive parts, sophisticated drone technology, and even the most luxurious designs with 3D printed fine jewelry.

There’s No Reason to Wait: Outsource 3D Printing Services Now with OTTO

OTTO allows manufacturers to offer advanced technology to their customers while adding an immediate, new stream of revenue too. Most importantly though, there is no capital expenditure required, relieving traditional manufacturers of the perception that it is too difficult, too time-consuming, and too expensive to venture into 3D printing. The wonderful reality is that the transition into 3D printing can be almost instantaneous–and without investment, undue stress, or a learning curve.

The OTTO 3D printing solution serves up a winning combination of sophisticated technology, high-quality advanced resources, and expert support in engineering and operations. Created over a decade ago by manufacturers for manufacturers, OTTO allows other businesses to outsource 3D printing without forcing them to take their time and focus away from their specialty; for example, a CNC machining company may have a thriving business that simply does not allow them to give untold hours to a new venture. With OTTO, there is no burden at all–from setting up the account to handling orders, manufacturing, and delivery.

3D Printing is Transformative, but also Complementary to Traditional Manufacturing

Traditional manufacturers are generally in the business of creating strong, quality parts whether through subtractive methods like CNC machining or Injection Molding; and while some shops may be making the complete transition for applications like additive manufacturing for automotive or aerospace parts, others are experiencing enormous growth and success in business by outsourcing 3D printing services–providing a technological tool that is extraordinary on its own, but also extremely complementary to other systems. 

3D printing can be particularly beneficial to Injection Molding specialists, providing new ability to manufacture tools for enhancing performance and processes. 3D printed molds serve as a great example, made quickly and out of many different materials–from silicone to wax or metal–and in any volume. Master patterns can be 3D printed economically and used for mass production. Related tools can be 3D printed too, with customized, complex geometries, and are easily maintained via digital inventory files.

OTTO Offers it all–and Ensures 3D Printability of Files

While traditional manufacturers may see the advantages in adding 3D printing services, trepidation regarding handling of 3D files from the uploading process forward is often a concern, along with other related tasks. Not only do manufacturing customers have access to the most advanced additive manufacturing technology and over 100 materials, but once they upload their files, OTTO takes over with the following steps:

  • Fast, secure processing of files
  • Analysis of 3D models and access to file fixing
  • Customized feedback for 3D models requiring changes for printability
  • 3D printing instant quotes

OTTO is a gateway to advanced materials, powerful technology, and expertise, tying the entire manufacturing process together from design and concept to packaging and delivery. Manufacturers have the ability to make a profit on every order, and can control their own mark-up. 

Customer service insight is offered for pricing structure, issuing of refunds, and answering customer questions. Businesses are set up with their own white-label solutions, customized web pages for ordering, expedited shipping, and order tracking. Find out more about uploading and compatible file types, instant quotes, and more here.

About OTTO

OTTO enables manufacturers to offer 3D printing to their customers without any capital expenditure. Our manufacturing enterprise software is easily integrated, simplifying production of 3D printed parts in any volume with a wide variety of suitable materials and technologies—meeting the most advanced standards for any manufacturing enterprise.  

Request a demo to learn more.

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