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Optimize Manufacturing with 3D Printing: Why OTTO?

Why OTTO? The bigger question is why not? OTTO makes 3D printing simple and effective. Developed by manufacturers for manufacturers as a transformative ordering solution, OTTO allows businesses to add a new stream of revenue by offering 3D printing. 3D printing opens the door to infinite possibilities for creating, and in many cases allows customers to begin innovating where it was previously impossible with traditional methods.

OTTO Makes 3D Printing Accessible

There is a push to offer 3D printing today due to the flexibility and quick turnaround time. However, for many manufacturers, such an option may have seemed unattainable until now. Additive manufacturing technology can be challenging to master quickly, and require enormous amounts of capital for hardware, software, and materials. It also takes years of experience to consistently 3D print high quality, consistent parts. 

OTTO addresses all those concerns, doing all the heavy lifting as businesses outsource 3D printing and. This leaves traditional manufacturers  free to focus on their own core strengths while adding additional offerings to their end customers. 

OTTO is a Cost-Free, Proven Business Model

Signing up to outsource 3D printing through OTTO at no cost means getting orders in and out fast, with excellence in quality and customer service. OTTO can handle any volume of orders and completely manage production. With over 21 million 3D printed products delivered to over one million customers, OTTO presents a proven business model, designed for scalability.

Businesses using OTTO manufacturing software retain their customers throughout the product life cycle, from the concept phase to full-scale production. They are also able to grow, working with an expanded and often new, customer base. 

Other benefits include:

  • 3D printing offerings in over 11 technologies and a variety of materials and finishes.
  • A complete white-label solution featuring a customized ordering page and expedited fulfillment.
  • High-quality materials available, and used in over 90 % of industry-wide applications.
  • Instant quotes for all customers, including options for a variety of technologies and materials.
  • Completely secure uploads and financial transactions from a custom web page.
  • Manufacturing and delivery of quality 3D printed parts with zero overhead. OTTO makes a profit from customer orders.
  • Businesses set and control their own markup with OTTO, and keep the difference.

OTTO Handles Volume with Ease

While this free software leads the way to accessibility of 3D printed parts for everyone, OTTO also eliminates any previous obstacles to sending quality parts out the door fast; and after all, the whole point of going into business is to keep bringing in customers. OTTO is easily integrated for handlings orders seamlessly, whether there may be 1 or 10,000 of them--while boosting business and offering greater customer satisfaction for everyone ready to upload 3D models.

About OTTO

OTTO enables manufacturers to offer 3D printing to their customers without any capital expenditure. Our manufacturing enterprise software is easily integrated, simplifying production of 3D printed parts in any volume with a wide variety of suitable materials and technologies--meeting the most advanced standards for any manufacturing enterprise. 

Request a demo to learn more. Follow us on LinkedIn for important updates.

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