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OTTO as a Manufacturing Enterprise Solution: Features and Functionality

OTTO facilitates quality 3D printing services for manufacturers who want to continue expanding their business. Even more appealing is the potential for making profit on every sale with no capital expenditure up front.

Acting as a transformative process, 3D printing allows companies to provide quality parts to their customers while reducing overhead too. Turnaround time on projects is improved, and because the technology is additive rather than subtractive, there are also substantial savings on resources like materials.

Introducing what many still consider to be a new technology can be daunting at first, but OTTO eliminates any learning curve. The results of 3D printing and manufacturing products in a whole new way can be astonishing, and adding it to a business model can be incredibly productive, but ultimately the key is in providing innovative, higher-quality parts to customers.

Some businesses may still be unsure about 3D printing because of capital investment, providing training and/or hiring new staff with industry expertise, and dealing with the overall complexities and challenges involved in additive manufacturing. OTTO addresses all of those concerns.

Used in a wide range of industries like aerospace and drones, electronics, robotics, and medical, OTTO features and functions are centered around user driven product configuration, including:

  • Safe uploading and ordering – This is all available on a customized web page designed with your specific company’s brand, logo, and colors front and center. Your customers can be assured that they are uploading their 3D designs with complete peace of mind in terms of security.
  • Instant quotes and fast checkout – Your customers progress quickly and conveniently from ordering to checking out, and guest checkout is also available
  • File analysis and file fixing – Printability issues are addressed right away, but if a file can’t be fixed automatically, feedback is available on the changes necessary to achieve successful, quality printing.
  • Production of high-quality 3D printed parts – The most advanced technology and materials are used to 3D print parts meeting customer needs and standards for any project, at any volume. White-label packaging is also available to accompany on-demand production and fulfillment of orders mailed directly to your customers.
  • Customer service insight – Set a pricing structure, issue necessary refunds, and answer customer questions in one central location.
  • Automated reporting – Track orders, maintain customer information, monitor revenue, and more.

Created for manufacturers by manufacturers, OTTO turns 3D printing into a straightforward process, no matter the level of experience, intricacy of the design, or the volume needed. As a complete manufacturing enterprise solution, businesses are able to focus on their own areas of expertise while OTTO does the heavy lifting.

About Us

OTTO enables manufacturers to offer 3D printing to their customers without any capital expenditure. Our manufacturing enterprise software is easily integrated, simplifying production of 3D printed parts in any volume with a wide variety of suitable materials and technologies—meeting the most advanced standards for any manufacturing enterprise.  

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