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3D Printing Production and Automation: OTTO Bridges the Gap

Additive manufacturing can be challenging, but OTTO makes it easy to offer quality 3D print manufacturing to your customer base—and without having to invest enormous amounts of precious capital on hardware, large inventories of materials, or extensive training programs for employees.

Automate 3D Printing and Manage 3D Orders

Shapeways began developing OTTO nearly a decade ago due to a rapidly accelerating customer base and the need for one software solution to manage all the company’s own manufacturing needs and automate 3D printing. Boosting production and outperforming initial expectations, OTTO serves as one of the main forces driving Shapeways to 3D print over 21 million parts so far.

Ultimately, OTTO is a sophisticated 3D print management software that automates ordering and eliminates the need to rely on basic paperwork or a melee of different software programs patchworked together for taking and fulfilling orders.

Leveraging the Advantages of Manufacturing with OTTO

The realization there was not another dedicated, similar solution became quickly apparent as OTTO advanced in development, refinement, and use. It also became clear that other 3D print manufacturers could enjoy leveraging the power of OTTO too, taking advantage of a cohesive program for production and delivery of customized parts. 

Manufacturing partners like BASF, MarkeTiger, DSM, and Henkel helped shape OTTO into the manufacturing enterprise solutions it is today.

Automate 3D Printing with the Outstanding Benefits of OTTO

OTTO is a versatile, transparent, and completely scalable 3D printing ordering system. Secure online access is available for customers to upload their designs and receive instant quotes. Guest checkout is fast too, from uploading to ordering, to analysis of 3D models—with file fixing available when necessary to ensure printability of parts. Offerings can be customized further on request too.

Streamlined customer service insight is offered for a wide range of issues, with questions answered in one central location. Reporting is also offered for tracking orders, customer information, revenue, and more. Depending on when customers need their parts, both regular and rush manufacturing speeds are also presented as options.

Paving the Way to Success with Streamlined 3D Print Manufacturing

Created for manufacturers by manufacturers, OTTO allows other businesses to develop and maintain strong relationships and partnerships with their own customers throughout the product life cycle. Businesses are also better able to focus on their own core specialties with OTTO in charge of the heavy lifting. This manufacturing enterprise resource planning system makes it easier to create, manufacture, and follow through for customers all the way to the end in terms of customized packaging and delivery of quality 3D printed products.

About OTTO

OTTO enables manufacturers to offer 3D printing to their customers without any capital expenditure. Our manufacturing enterprise software is easily integrated, simplifying production of 3D printed parts in any volume with a wide variety of suitable materials and technologies—meeting the most advanced standards for any manufacturing enterprise.  

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