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Outsourced 3D Printing through OTTO: Instant Quotes and Streamlined Checkout

  • OTTO is a sophisticated software solution allowing businesses of all sizes to outsource their 3D printing services.
  • Many companies—and their entire teams—spend way too much time working on 3D printing quotes. OTTO changes all that.
  • The uploading and checkout process is easy, secure, and allows comparison of different 3D printing materials and finishes.

Developed for over a decade by manufacturers for manufacturers, OTTO is a streamlined ordering system making it possible for any business to outsource 3D printing services to customers designing in applications like aerospace, automotive, drones, medical, robotics, and more.

Integrating 3D Printing Services: OTTO Makes it So Easy

Today, manufacturers of all sizes are forging ahead in the transition to incorporate comprehensive additive manufacturing into their product lineup—along with others who may be using 3D printing technology to accentuate a variety of projects, while still relying on processes like injection molding or CNC processes. With OTTO, a typical machining shop can provide sophisticated software and a wide range of options in advanced 3D printed technology and materials—all at no cost and with a nominal amount of effort.

OTTO appeals to manufacturers seeking greater accessibility to 3D printing services, and provides the ability to outsource them while still retaining excellence in manufacturing and customer service. Ultimately, the goal is to take orders expediently and get quality products out the door fast, at any volume. OTTO is multi-faceted and easily integrated into existing operations, from the small to large scale. Streamlined automation enhances the customer experience, from ordering to delivery, whether for functional prototypes or high-performance parts.          

Instant 3D Printing Quotes Increase Productivity and Eliminate Confusion

OTTO saves time for everyone. On the manufacturer’s end, exponentially less time is spent deciding on and giving out 3D printing quotes to customers who may have numerous questions spanning a number of calls or messages; in fact, with OTTO an entire work team quickly may begin to note how many cumulative hours are suddenly freed up to perform other, more critical tasks in product design, development, and improvement. For the customer, automated 3D printing quotes eliminate surprise expenses, and the confusion and conflict that may ensue with rough estimates later.

OTTO also allows customers to price shop in terms of materials and finishing options, making changes as desired in terms of budget; for instance, when making numerous iterations during product development, a customer may choose Nylon 12 over a more expensive material while prototyping—along with finding it so versatile that they continue on to use it in the final end-use product too. They may also choose from several different finishes, comparing prices.

Beginning the process is as simple as uploading a 3D model. Files can be dragged from a computer hard drive or or by clicking on the upload box and selecting the file from the open pop-up for easy transferring. The OTTO website is encrypted for maximum protection, meaning that everyone enjoys total peace of mind in knowing their 3D designs are safe.

Standard file types are accepted, to include: STL, DAE, X3D, X3DB, X3DV, WRL, 3MF, STEP, and STP. 

Efficiency in Ordering and 3D Printing Speed Means Increased Revenues

Along with the latest advances in 3D printing, OTTO provides a speedy checkout. This includes other key features too like file fixing and personalized feedback to ensure printability. This is important for retaining customers as a large percentage of business could be lost due to files that are not initially printable without some help. A lack of feedback could also lead to unpleasant surprises later if a model fails during 3D printing.

While printable models tend to include strong geometries and the proper wall thicknesses, there are typical issues that arise and can often be easily fixed as they may simply be related to improper orientation or incompatibility with the chosen materials or technology.

Customer service insight is provided to include pricing structure, as well as the issuing of refunds and resolution of any customer questions. Each business is provided with their own white-label solution, featuring a customized ordering page, expedited shipping, and order tracking.

Find out more about OTTO’s advanced 3D printing, materials, and technology here.

About OTTO

OTTO enables manufacturers to outsource 3D printing to their customers without any capital expenditure. The manufacturing enterprise software is easily integrated, simplifying production of 3D printed parts in any volume with a wide variety of suitable materials and technologies--meeting the most advanced standards for any manufacturing enterprise. 

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