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The Security of OTTO: Upload 3D Models without Worry

The undeniable magic of 3D printing empowers designers and engineers around the globe with infinite options. With the ability to make complex geometries previously impossible with traditional methods, there are no limits to the power of creativity or the continued advances in 3D printer capabilities, software, and versatile materials. The process is easier than ever before with 3D printing services outsourced through OTTO. A powerful, purpose-built 3D printing solution, OTTO allows you to offer your own customers a new manufacturing solution, with no capital expenditure.

OTTO customers don’t need to be experts in additive manufacturing; all they have to worry about is enjoying the freedom to design. This is true whether they are engaged in prototyping, creating as many iterations as needed for a project–or using 3D printing for high-performance industrial parts meant to stand the test of time in critical applications like aerospace, automotive, or medical.

3D Printing Security Concerns are Top Priority with OTTO

Set up is easy and fast, but more importantly it is secure. This begins with protecting customer information. Although you may be outsourcing 3D printing services to OTTO, you maintain complete ownership over your customer base and all their corresponding information. OTTO is white-label ready, allowing you to offer your customers a completely personalized experience with a customized website page spotlighting your company brand front and center.

Manufacturers also rely on OTTO for on-demand printing, a process that is becoming increasingly popular. Rather than maintaining large warehouses full of inventory–some of which may do nothing but collect dust–manufacturers can significantly reduce the amount of space needed to store parts. A digital inventory can be maintained through OTTO and parts can be customized and 3D printed in volumes as necessary, all on a completely secure platform.

Many models are also uploaded by the designers themselves, allowing for a streamlined approach to ordering 3D prints. The uploading process is completely secure in terms of all information, intellectual property, and other data entered. OTTO is capable of handling any volume of orders, managing the entire process, to include white-label delivery in customized packaging.  

OTTO Makes 3D Printing Straightforward on Any Scale

OTTO is meant to operate as a total digital solution for businesses of any size seeking to expand not only their customer base, but also to add a new source of revenue, with the ability to set and control markup with OTTO, and keep the difference. While there is already a default in place, different margins can be adjusted for customers, or overall.

Other features include:

  • Streamlined ordering with fast checkout and no 3D printing security concerns.
  • Analysis of each 3D model to ensure quality 3D printing including file fixing and customized feedback when necessary.
  • Expedited shipping and order tracking.
  • Customer service insight for pricing, issuing refunds, and answering questions.

3D printing materials offered through OTTO meet 90% of the applications used in manufacturing, including drone technology, automotive, electronics, robotics, medical, and much more.

About Otto

Otto enables manufacturers to offer 3D printing to their customers without any capital expenditure. Our manufacturing enterprise software is easily integrated, simplifying production of 3D printed parts in any volume with a wide variety of suitable materials and technologies—meeting the most advanced standards for any manufacturing enterprise.  

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