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OTTO 3D Printing Benefits: The Possibilities Are Endless for Your Customers

A revolutionary tool, 3D printing continues to be a source of fascination globally, and a catalyst for change in nearly every industry. Even so, many companies engaged in traditional manufacturing may be hesitant to forge ahead in offering 3D printing, despite their wishes to meet growing customer demand. This is often prompted by the daunting and expensive task involved in buying hardware, software, and materials, not to mention investing in the substantial expertise required to maintain such a venture.

That’s where the initial advantage of OTTO is set into motion, with outsourced 3D printing made available through a huge fleet of best-in-class 3D printers possessing capabilities far beyond what a desktop or basic professional printer could offer. OTTO provides easy accessibility to the latest hardware, software, and materials for prototyping and production, also currently in use also with manufacturing partners like BASF, MarkeTiger, DSM, and Henkel.

The 3D Printed Rapid Prototype Improves Product Development

Product development continues to play a major role in manufacturing, creating a framework for the production of quality 3D printed customer goods. And while it is easy to forget the original intent of 3D printing, the technology was initially solely built around leveraging rapid prototyping, whether models were needed to test for fit and function in an automotive application or to serve in an extensive architectural display highlighting a new real estate development.

The rapid prototyping process allows industrial engineers to advance from the napkin sketch stage to 3D modeling and production at lightning speed in comparison to other methods. For product development, it is completely acceptable to 3D print one or two iterations, or over a hundred if that’s what it takes to elicit the necessary feedback, make changes, and ultimately manufacture a superior, high-performing product. 

Using 3D printing materials like Nylon 12 and Selective Laser Sintering for rapid prototyping leads to more advanced workflow and speed in production, also resulting in products that get to market ahead of the competition.

Customization Opens Up a Brave New World 

Customization allows for more than just improvements in manufacturing. Disrupting the one-size-fits-all mentality, 3D printing is capable of enhancing neary any product–as well as the customer experience too. For applications like 3D printing in automotive, the process is taken a step further in making it possible for manufacturers to scan and reproduce parts that may have become obsolete decades ago. In other examples like medical applications, 3D printing makes patient-specific treatment available, introducing unprecedented comfort and fit for products like prosthetics and orthotics, along with greater speed in delivery of products. 

With the infinite options in customization available through 3D printing, manufacturers no longer have to accept a limited number of choices in products; instead, they are able to offer their customers a range of options in features like size and shape, materials, textures, colors and finishes, and more.

It’s Possible to Manufacture Complex New Geometries

While 3D printing may never replace traditional manufacturing, it has become a valuable tool for smaller production runs in comparison to a method like injection molding. Embracing mass customization over mass production also means enjoying freedom from tooling or mold changes, and much faster lead times. 

With the latitude afforded in both 3D design and 3D printing, industrial designers and engineers are also drawn to greater flexibility in the modeling process, the ability to prototype and make changes quickly, and ultimately–make innovative structures previously impossible; for example, parts can be made for critical applications like aerospace that are stronger yet lighter too, imbuing power in machinery while saving enormously in weight.

On-Demand 3D Printing Facilitates Positive Change

Saying goodbye to mass production in lieu of producing very low volumes of highly customized parts may be mind-boggling at first, but the benefits include greater customer satisfaction and huge savings on the bottom line. A customer may only need to produce a small number of personalized products, or they may already have them on a digital file to be 3D printed on demand as orders come along.

This concept has the potential to eliminate what can also be substantial expenses involved in maintaining physical inventory on site, and in warehouses which must be rented or purchased–as well as alleviating the stress involved in trying to find space at all during challenging times. On-demand 3D printing can also cut down on material and energy waste and eliminate supply chain issues.

Outsourced 3D Printing Makes it Easy to Offer New Services

OTTO was created by manufacturers for manufacturers interested in expanding their technological offerings for their own customers, and with no capital expenditure required. This powerful, purpose-built 3D printing system opens up a new world of technology–and possibilities–with advanced materials, software, and hardware. As a comprehensive solution for outsourcing 3D printing, OTTO’s services encompass the entire manufacturing process from uploading the model to production, packaging, and delivery.

Benefits include:

  • Access to a wide range of advanced technology, materials, and finishes–without any financial investment at all.
  • The ability to make a profit on every order. Margins can also be set as desired, easily changed from the default settings.
  • A complete white-label solution highlighting your company front and center, ensuring that you keep your customer throughout the entire lifecycle, from the concept phase to full-scale production.
  • Secure uploads for customers, user-driven product configuration, instant quotes, and delivery of high-quality 3D printed parts.
  • Analysis of 3D models after uploading, with file fixing and customized feedback available too.

About OTTO

OTTO enables manufacturers to outsource 3D printing to their customers without any capital expenditure. The manufacturing enterprise software is easily integrated, simplifying production of 3D printed parts in any volume with a wide variety of suitable materials and technologies–meeting the most advanced standards for any manufacturing enterprise. 

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